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E-commerce has now grown to an unprecedented extent and the numbers are stunning. Millions of products, innumerable offers, and a huge range of items that belong to the same category are characterized by few variations and endless differences in terms of pricing. The human factor always plays a role in all of this, with problems such as lack of communication among the commercial departments of a business concerning pricing policies, errors in product descriptions and others, which can lead to misunderstandings and loss of profitability and sales.

The question is whether within this volume of information it is possible to extract data that will give the company a comprehensive picture of its products and pricing policy vis-à-vis its competitors. The goal is to take commercial decisions based not on outdated data, but rather on data that involves the greatest possible coverage, matching and freshness, providing a complete image of the market in almost real-time. This capacity does exist and, in fact, this is the scope of price intelligence.

The basic tool of this model is data mining. This is about collecting all the figures, prices, products and any other data displayed to the end consumer in an online store. But there is one crucial difference. Data mining has indeed been known for years, but creating the right technology infrastructure to make the most of it is what sets tgndata
Solutions apart. “We are not a general IT company. Since 2009, we have been providing a specialised service suite solely in the field of price intelligence, with which major retailers and brands in Greece and abroad monitor and analyse the pricing policies of their competition, live, 24/7”.

In the commercial world and especially in strategic marketing, it is well known that the 4Ps (Product – Price – Promotion – Place) are the basic variables that determine the result of the marketing mixture and if these variables are well planned, they will lead to success.

is a Premium Complete Suite covering all the three-axis of online competitive data. Price Intelligence, Assortment Analysis & Promotion Monitoring.

Our Premium Suite will be a structural ally for your company, both brands and retailers. From the commercial & product management department to the marketing departments, you will benefit from the advantages provided by this powerful solution. 

Price Intelligence

The Price Intelligence will provide you with valuable knowledge about competitors’ prices and the state of the market, in real-time. With this solution, developed by tgndata, you can get a detailed view of market prices, as well as access competitors’ price history to evaluate price evolution over time and on specific dates.

This type of information can help you gain a better understanding of your competitors’ pricing strategies, allowing you to detect patterns and trends in their prices. You can then use this useful knowledge to make better informed and more effective buying and pricing decisions that will lead to higher revenues and a greater return on investment.

With a Competitive Price Intelligence Solution, you will be able to monitor your competition in real-time and implement the conclusions in order to give your organization the upper hand. Insights that used to require a team of analysts to create, are now available automatically, accurately, and efficiently- right at your fingertips.

Assortment Analysis

Essentially, we are talking about the range of products, which does not change on a daily basis but rather on a weekly or monthly basis. In this service, the platform matches the categories, rather than the products.

So, for example, it can give the full image of how many 32’’ LED televisions with the same characteristics the major competitors of an electronics retailer have, at what prices they are sold and how big the range in this category is. It offers information on where the competitor has the widest range and the highest / lowest prices so that the respective department of the company can mobilize and get competing products in that category”.

The customers will visit more, the Retailers who have the biggest assortment in order to find almost everything they need without buying different things from different stores. Again, there are several factors that affect the assortment of each retailer, such as relevant assortment to the market they operate, cross-selling products, better deals with suppliers, exclusive products, etc.

So, fine-tune your assortment based on competitive catalogue movements and offer your customers a winning assortment every time. It is generally accepted that a well-established assortment attracts more and more valuable customers.

Promotion Monitoring

So by using Price Intelligence & Assortment Analysis and having acquired the knowledge of the competition in real-time and how they manage their assortment, all that remains to have a complete picture is to monitor the actions of Marketing.

gives you the opportunity to have a complete picture of one of the most basic and most direct advertising channels. And this is none other than Email Marketing which plays a very important role in how to reach customers.

So through an automated process, the service acquires, analyses and visualizes the data contained in the newsletters and digital brochures, and offers the user of the tool the ability to respond promptly to any offer, so as not to lag behind the competition.

‘s systems receive – understand and analyze the content no matter what its format is – pdf, text, or even photo. Automatically, they identify the common products and create a pdf with the newsletter and your actual prices & SKU, so you can share it internally.

The 4 Steps to success are Simple, Fast and Easy:

Import your products to the Cloud: All we need from you is a file with basic product info like brand, title, EAN etc.

Gather market prices: Our systems compare and match your products with competitors by image, size, specs, MPN, EAN, Titles and description. Data Specialists harvest the power of data tools, to find wrong matches or missing data before those reach your systems.

Business analytics and reports: Crafted by customers just like you! Experienced Pricing, Ecommerce & Commercial Directors from 25 countries contribute to a constantly improved console by the people for the people. You will get a comprehensive overview of online offers compared with your products. We are able to feed your systems with pricing data alterations even every 15′ minutes.

Act: Import our data right into your Pricing Software (Pricefx, PROS, Omnia, Vendavo, Competera, Zilliant, Price2Spy, Prisync) and BI tools (Power BI, Tableau, Qlik Sense, QlikView, ThoughtSpot, Sisense, Salesforce, Looker, Domo, SAP) to upgrade your pricing decisions. Keep an eye on prices, analyse your competition and set the right price for the right person at the right time.

The Benefits from our Premium complete Suite


Increase your sales

Knowing your competitors and market are key elements to choosing the right pricing strategy based on your needs. The result of setting the “right” price means: optimising your conversion rate and increasing your sales. It will also allow you to tap into trends and make smarter assortment decisions.


Increase your profits

Our price monitoring will help you identify products that you are selling below market price and those for which you should adjust your promotional efforts. Increase your margins – and thus your profits.


Negotiate better prices

Strengthen your negotiating position with TGN: With a comprehensive market overview, you’ll be able to negotiate better prices with vendors and suppliers.


Access to Historical Data

It is important to gather historical data about how the prices are being changed, to look for patterns and trends, and to understand what is behind every pricing decision your competitors make.


Control your Stock – Availability

Stay informed about what stocks are on the market and with the availability your competitors are selling. Also, proper inventory management, as well as helping you optimize your pricing, can also imply a reduction of unnecessary costs. When you know the market in-depth, you can predict the amount of inventory you need; thus, you can spare on maintenance costs, damaged goods, and a much more efficient internal organization.


Save Time

Time dedicated to activities that can be automated is time wasted. Makes the job of your team easier by empowering your employees to spend more time doing what they do best (providing excellent service and selling your products) and less time on performing mind-numbing tasks.

What makes tgndata Different & Premium

Automated Product matching – 90% Machine 10% human

All products are matched automatically and are checked by a quality assurance team that consists of experienced data analysts.

Matching & Coverage – SLA Guaranteed

All services are performance guaranteed via SLA on 3 KPIs: Quality (quality of matching), Quantity (data coverage of the monitored products), Update time.

Unlimited Competitors

Our customers have true access to unlimited competitors worldwide without extra cost on their license.

No Geographical restrictions & Identify
Price Discrimination based on location

tgndata can monitor any direct webshop worldwide and is able to identify different retail prices based on different countries, cities or postal codes.

SMART data updating – Real-time data

Our systems dynamically reschedule the update times of SKUs by analyzing your competition movements and predicting price changes. All data is being updated dynamically within 90 minutes 24/7/365 irrelevant of the number of products. This means that at any time of the day you have access to fresh data.

Ready to connect with major ERP-BI systems

tgndata’s data can be connected and imported
into any pricing system, ERP or BI tool.

Simple billing calculation

Unlimited Competitors, URLs, users. There is only one variable for each service. That way you know the costs beforehand which gives you full control over your budget and if a scale-up is required it’s very easy to perform without calculating multiple variables.

Software Development services for
custom reports & charts included

tgndata includes in all licenses the possibility of requesting custom reports and charts based on customers’ needs.

It’s Time to Harness the Power of Advanced
Competitive Price Intelligence Solution for eCommerce

The days when you could make pricing decisions & monitor your competitors manually are gone. Today, when you are competing against thousands of retailers online globally you need to leverage advanced price intelligence to tilt the scales in your favour.
With our Competitive Pricing solution, you will be able to monitor your competition in real-time, and implement what you learn in order to give your organization the upper hand. Insights that used to require a team of analysts to create, and took days to implement, are now available automatically, accurately, and in real-time – right at your fingertips.

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