Range Intelligence

With a feature-rich solution such as tgndata, you can maintain your competitive advantage per sector and product group. Enhance your reporting needs with our ready to use reports per brand, category & product groups. Product & Category managers report gaining at least 10 hours per week managing their assortment.

Better range of products than your competitors

Findability matters almost as much as price in today’s e-commerce landscape.
A comprehensive assortment analysis of your competitors or online resellers can show you which products they sell across various categories or brands and also price points.
The analysis lets you compare them vs. your own assortment or catalog so that you make sure that you have the most demanded assortment always in stock.

“We appreciate the good data-quality as well as the communication. Requests are answered fast and good in respect of content. In extensive pre-test, tgndata was the best price -performance bidder.”

Georg W.

Georg W.


Benefits of Assortment

Gaps in Catalog:
Discover products/brands your competitors are offering that are not on your catalog, and add them.

Unique Offerings: 
Find products/brands that only you are offering and decide whether you are pricing them right. Maybe you want to bump up their prices.

Compare and analyze :
Benchmark your assortments across different dimensions and combinations thereof. Understand your as well as competitors’ focus areas.

Use assortment analysis reports efficiently 

Get rid of manual assortment analysis methods that typically take hours per e-commerce website and can never be as detailed as an automated one.
Automate the data collection part and focus on strategic planning.