8 Secrets to Understand
Modern Consumers

The way people shop online has changed dramatically, just like the way we shop in general. Today’s shoppers expect a seamless, personalized experience across different channels, both online and offline. This “omnichannel” approach isn’t just a preference anymore, it’s a demand. So, how can retailers and brands keep up? This blog unveils 8 key insights to help you unlock the secrets of the modern consumer and win their hearts (and wallets).

1. Price Ain't the Only Thing: Hidden Fees are Dealbreakers

Two-thirds of shoppers ditch their carts because of surprise fees and delivery charges. Avoid this pitfall by offering transparent pricing and flexible delivery options. Remember, older shoppers care more about free returns, while younger ones prioritize speed. Tailor your strategy accordingly!

2. Brick-and-Mortar Still Has a Pulse, But Online Reigns Supreme

While online marketplaces rule the roost, physical stores hold their own, especially for older demographics. But social media shopping? Not so much. Embrace omnichannel experiences and cater to specific age groups for maximum impact.

3. Need for Speed: Delivery is King (or Queen)

Free and fast delivery takes the crown, especially for younger shoppers. Competitive prices and positive reviews follow closely behind. For budget-conscious buyers, price matters most, while those planning to splurge prioritize good reviews. Adapt your messaging based on spending intentions.

4. Damaged Goods and Sizing Woes: The Return of the Unsatisfied

Over 65% of returns stem from damaged products and sizing issues. Ensure product integrity, provide accurate size charts, and pay attention to detail, especially for young, image-conscious shoppers. Women, in particular, struggle with fit, so cater to their needs for higher satisfaction.

5. Dual Screen Shopping: The New Normal

One-third of shoppers compare prices online while in-store. This value-driven habit highlights the digital integration into traditional shopping. Cater to this behavior by offering easy price comparisons and detailed reviews on your product pages. Remember, younger generations and men are more likely to be “dual screeners.”

6. Tech Time: Tools for the Savvy Shopper

Google Image Search and price comparison tools are top choices, while younger shoppers and women love virtual try-on features. AR and 360° zoom appeal to older demographics. High-income spenders favor chatbots and virtual assistants. Embrace diverse tech options to cater to different preferences.

7. Social Shopping on the Rise: But Not Everyone's Buying In

Over half of high-spending shoppers make purchases on social media. However, 46% still avoid it. This emerging channel is popular among the 25-44 age group, highlighting generational differences. Adapt your social media presence to target the right audience.

8. Social Proof is Power: Reviews Rule, Influencers are Rising

Positive reviews and ratings are the ultimate social influencers, followed by high-quality visuals and flexible return policies. Influencer partnerships are gaining traction, especially among younger demographics. Leverage reviews, visuals, and strategic influencer partnerships for social media success.

Remember, the landscape is ever-changing. Embrace these insights, adapt your strategies, and stay ahead of the curve.

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