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Our (AGDP) policy stands for “always-give-data”. We will by-pass any block to update your prices.

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Our system continuously monitors market data and provides you with up-to-the- pricing updates, allowing you to react quickly to changing market conditions.

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We track the pricing strategies of your competitors, enabling you to identify pricing trends and make informed decisions to gain a competitive edge.

Competitor pricing analysis

We provide you with historical pricing data, allowing you to analyze pricing trends, identify seasonal variations, and make informed pricing forecasts.

Customizable price alerts

Set up custom price alerts to be notified when prices of your selected products or categories reach certain thresholds.


    "pricing_rule_id": 23,
    "sku": "1385733",
    "dynamic_price": 32.54,
    "current_price": 32.01,
    "percentage_change": 38.5%,
    "rule_name": SAMSUNG - WEARABLES - 2% under
    "pricing_run": "2023-01-03 13:05:40"


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Stay informed about competitor pricing and avoid potential losses due to price erosion, ensuring you maintain profitability.

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Make strategic pricing adjustments based on real-time market data, maximizing sales, and optimizing your profit potential.

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Maintain a competitive edge by ensuring your prices are in line with market trends and competitor pricing, avoiding pricing wars and maintaining customer confidence.

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