How Brands Use Historical Data to Increase their Sales

Smart Analytics Features

See the exact hours
competitors mostly
change prices

Explore the exact
products and their
price changes to stay on top

Market Activity

Know when price changes happen

Keep an eye on your competition and stay ahead at a glance. This insight can help you identify whether your competitors decrease or increase their prices, on which product, on which day & at which hour of the day.

Compare on specific
or all brands per

Monitor on how many
products per brand,
you have a lower,
same or higher pricing.

Then see how you
compare on each of
those products

Brands Analysis

Compare your prices per brand

Comparing your prices against your competitors is essential to making an informed decision.

With us, you do that intuitively and easily that’ll show you where your competition is doing it wrong and where you can be better with a grand overview.

Explore how many
common products
your competitors offer
at a glance

Drill down on your
competitors product
catalogue per category
and brand

Shops Insights

Explore competitors products

Knowing who your competitors are, and what they are offering, can help you to make your products, services, and marketing stand out.

This insight can help pinpoint product gaps, spark new ideas, and drive further innovations of a product. 

Find competitors with
higher/lower prices in

Find competitors with
more common
product sold to keep a
closer eye

Understand how
active they are, meaning how many
price changes they perform

Price Index Matrix

Competitors placement in market

It helps you have an overview of the competition by category and brand.

With a glance at the grid, you can see your top 10 competitors in terms of their price index, your shared products, and the total of their price changes over the last 30 days. By clicking on an area of ​​the chart you can focus on a specific section.

Per day analysis of
total products with increased/decreased

Explore pricing trends
per competitor and

Trends in Pricing

Price increase/decrease trends

Price Trends helps predict a trend, whether the market is in a bull or bearish run and it also suggests whether a trend reversal is going to take place, like from a bull-to-bear market.

Also, it helps you to understand the ongoing price direction in the market during a particular period.

Advanced Price Intelligence

Filter products and
create your own saved
views you can share
with your colleagues


View Product Details
at a glance

Products & Reports

Create custom reports

This feature enables users to generate personalized reports that monitor price fluctuations and product availability for their own offerings as well as their competitors.

With the ability to access and analyze this data, you can gain a deeper understanding of market dynamics, and adapt your pricing and inventory strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

Export your Competition Data per Product to share them with your colleagues

Click to see the product direct to your competitor's website

Track competition

See all market prices

Gain a competitive edge by closely monitoring your rivals and accessing real-time market prices for every product, enabling your business to make well-informed decisions and stay agile in a dynamic marketplace.

Having access to all market prices per product empowers businesses to set competitive and accurate pricing strategies.

Pick the date range that you prefer

Exclude the shops you don't need

Price History

Go back in time

Historical competition pricing data serves as a rich source of competitive intelligence. Understanding how competitors have positioned their products in the past allows you to identify patterns, price ranges, and pricing triggers.

This information enables you to stay ahead of the competition, anticipate pricing moves, and capitalize on opportunities to gain market share.

Choose the Competitor & the Price Change Range

Sort by Price Change

Price change log

Explore historical data

The Price Change Log is a feature designed to record and track the history of price fluctuations for products or services in a business setting.

It provides a comprehensive and organized record of all changes made to the pricing structure over time, allowing businesses to gain insights and make informed decisions regarding pricing strategies.

Per-day analysis of total price changes per competitor

Print, Download or Export the data from the chart

Market Chart

Analyse price trends in time

A powerful tool that visually represents and analyzes the pricing trends of competitors over time in a specific market. It allows you to gain valuable insights into the competitive landscape and make informed decisions based on pricing dynamics.

By understanding competitors’ pricing trends, you can adjust your own pricing strategies to remain competitive and attract more customers.


    "pricing_rule_id": 23,
    "sku": "1385733",
    "dynamic_price": 32.54,
    "current_price": 32.01,
    "percentage_change": 38.5%,
    "rule_name": SAMSUNG - WEARABLES - 2% under
    "pricing_run": "2023-01-03 13:05:40"


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Reports & Notifications Features

Filter Live Price Changes per Competitor and Categories

See all Product Details with just a click

Live Monitoring

Live view of market changes

Monitoring live competitor pricing involves real-time tracking and analysis of competitors’ product prices, discounts, and promotions.

This proactive approach helps you stay competitive, make data-driven pricing decisions, and adapt swiftly to changes in the market.

Segment in the groups of products you need, e.g. brands, categories or just the products you are responsible for.

Select the frequency you prefer to receive the notifications, Daily or Instant?

Set Alerts & Notifications

Get notified and act fast!

In a rapidly changing market, the ability to respond quickly is critical. By receiving instant alerts about price changes, you gain valuable insights into your rivals’ pricing strategies.

This data helps you understand how their competitors are positioning themselves in the market and allow you to adjust your own pricing to remain competitive.

Analyze trends and take fast decisions regarding your products and their pricing.

Schedule reports

Recieve reports in your inbox

Scheduled reports of your Competitors are a dynamic and valuable tool for your business to stay ahead in the market.

This feature allows you to receive timely and automated reports on price fluctuations and adjustments made by your competitors. By leveraging this information, you can make informed decisions and refine your pricing strategy for maximum competitiveness and profitability.

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