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Upgrade your Pricing Solution

Find competitors with
higher/lower prices in

Find competitors with
more common
product sold to keep a
closer eye

Understand how
active they are, meaning how many
price changes they perform

Competition Magic Quadrant

Map your competitors - Market landscape

Magic Quadrant places your competitors based on common products “Assortment Ovelrap” and lower/higher prices “Price Indexing”

Along placement shows how price offensive they are based on the total price changes, allowing to drill down by category and brand.

See the exact hours
competitors mostly
change prices

Explore the exact
products and their
price changes to stay on top

Pricing Strategy

Anticipate future price changes

Analyse competition pricing of previous weeks grouped by hour of day & decrease/increase patterns.

Anticipate the day of week & hour future changes happen. Identify special promotions happening in non business hours. Position your products beforehand.

Per day analysis of
total products with increased/decreased

Explore pricing trends
per competitor and

Price Trends

Identify seasonal pricing trends

By monitoring Price Trends you predict a category/brand trend, whether the market is in a bull or bearish run.

Helps you understand the ongoing price direction in the market during a particular period to take informed decisions & perform clever Dynamic Pricing. 

Explore how many
common products
your competitors offer
at a glance

Drill down on your
competitors product
catalogue per category
and brand

Shops Insights

Explore competitors product ranges

Knowing who your competitors are and what they are offering, is the core element of every pricing strategy and Ecommerce success.

Effortlessly pinpoint product gaps, spark new ideas for product & category managers, keep your assortment competitive. No more manual research and excel sheets.

Compare on specific
or all brands per

Monitor on how many
products per brand,
you have a lower,
same or higher pricing.

Then see how you
compare on each of
those products

Brands Intelligence

One-click price positioning per brand

Use real-time aggregated data to compare how many products you have in lower/equal/higher pricing per brand.

Drill down per different product group , or target specific competitors , fast re-pricing for retailers & aqurate channel MAP monitoring fron manufacturers.

Price Monitoring &
Dynamic Pricing Software

Forever Free account ✓ No credit card.

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