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Up to 5.000 products




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Unlimited competitors & custom data that scale

Up to 1 mil products

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Online shops &
Small brands

Small and medium businesses (SMBs)

Medium-sized (SMEs) & Large enterprises


Free plan has no commitment or hidden charges. Business is renewed monthly and can be canceled any time. Enterprise is on a 12-month commitment.

Forever Free



Products/SKUs monitored

The maximum capacity of unique product SKUs you may be monitoring at any time.

Free includes 100 slots, Business has options of 1000, 2000 & 5000 slots, Enterprise can be customized to any exact capacity.


1000 to 5000

5K to 1 million

One marketplace can be for example Amazon Germany, or GoogleShopping Spain, or Bol Netherlands. You simply select the marketplace & country , we monitor all sellers/competitors within!

(You can add more than one via upgrade)




Online shops direct monitored

You can add direct monitoring of any competitor shop anywhere in the world!

Business plans have an extra small charge per website, while Enterprise plans have unlimited with fixed cost.




Price Monitoring

Price updates / day

Prices, availabilities and all attributes of matched products, are automatically updated once per day.

Business plans may upgrade to up to three times per day, while Enterprise data are updated every 3 hours!


1 - 3


Unlimited sellers tracks

For Free and Business, we will monitor all offers from all sellers in your selected marketplace and/or additional direct shops.

In Enterprise you can monitor any competitors globally with customized data crawling.

Auto-matching products

Our platform auto-matches all your products. You dont need to do any manual work or import any urls.

Price Position per Brand

Explore how you are performing per brand, category & competitor.

See cheaper, same or overpriced products. Drill down and view or export any dataset.

Currency conversion & Timezones

Automated currency conversion of monitored prices into one unified currency.

Localized timezone for users working remotely but monitoring prices abroad.

Matched products explorer

Explore competitors with common product assortment in total or drill down per brand and category level.

Smart Excel Reports

Instant download of Excel reports including all competitors' data and differences in amounts and percentages.

Competitor trends last 7 days

Discover competitor trends by aggregating price changes per hour of day.

Discover promotion strategies per brand & category.

Live log with real-time changes

An auto-updating live log shows any price or availability change as soon as it is captured!

Filter & anticipate changes or explore previous market moves.

Single source of truth (SSOT)

Our (SSOT) modal, includes all competitors' prices, market history, price & availability changes in one single window!

Simply search your SKU, EAN or product name and see all data one click away.

On demand update prices

Click and request our platform to ad-hoc update the competitor prices of a single product!

Automation & Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing engine

Easily set your re-pricing rules based on market conditions, costs & margin.

Configure schedules and get price change suggestions for more sales or more profit.

Schedule reports to email

Automate product or competitor oriented reports.

Have them land in your inbox with latest data, right when you need them.

Schedule price alerts notifications

Create alerts, and get notified instantly when price change conditions occur on specific products or whole brands & categories.

API - access our datalake

Use simple API calls to fetch competition data, history of prices and latest suggestions from Dynamic Pricing rules.

Build your own processes internally with unlimited access

See API documentation

Historical Data & Analytics

Explore history of price & availability

Search & filter and export a complete list with historical changes of each product

Price Indexing per competitor/week

Compare price indexing KPIs per competitor per week of year. Monitor your pricing strategies success.

Min & AVG history per products

Before creating promotions, easily identify the minimum and average prices per product in time.

Team & collaboration

Invite teammates with login-url

Easily on-board teammates by sending an invitation to your platform url via email.

Share views & reports with team

Share your custom views with teammates or departments that need the same information.

Multi account access

Gain master access to multiple accounts of your company and switch between them while logged-in.

Personalized data

Save custom product list views

Create custom filtered lists of products, add custom columns and save for later use or reporting.

Drag & Drop custom dashboard

Create your very own dashboard by simply dragging and resizing the modules & metrics you wish to be viewing.

Each user has it's own personalized experience.

Geo-location & postal code crawling

Monitor prices from spesific country origin to bypass price discrimination.

Monitor prices from spesific postal codes simulating actual customers.

Security features

Social authentication (Google - Linkedin)

Use fast & secure login via your Google or LinkedIn account.

Two factor authentication (2FA )

Bullet-proof your team by enforsing 2FA for all members.

Active Directory (SSO) Single sign-on

Connect tgndata with your corporate Active Directory or Google Gsuite account for seamless and secure login of your employess. 

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