3 new Columns on the Products Info Page

The new feature in the Products Info Page inside the Price Intelligence section offers several benefits to customers, thanks to the three new columns, namely Avg Diff %, Min Diff %, and Max Diff %, which indicate the percentage difference with the clients’ product price.

Here are the benefits of this feature:

Improved Price Comparison: The Avg Diff % column provides businesses with the average percentage difference between their product prices and those of competitors. This enables businesses to quickly assess whether their prices are higher or lower on average, helping them make informed pricing decisions.

Identifying Best and Worst Deals: The Min Diff % and Max Diff % columns help businesses identify the products with the lowest and highest percentage differences, respectively. Businesses can easily spot where their prices are highly competitive or where they might need to adjust pricing strategies to remain competitive.

Data-Driven Pricing Decisions: With these new columns, businesses gain valuable insights into their pricing data. They can analyze trends and patterns to develop more data-driven pricing strategies, ensuring they stay competitive in the market.

Competitor Analysis: The percentage difference data aids businesses in understanding their competitors’ pricing strategies. They can compare their prices with competitors’ prices and adjust their own prices accordingly to attract more customers.

Time-Saving Insights: Having these columns readily available on the Price Intelligence Page saves companies time. Instead of manually calculating the price differences, they can quickly view the data and focus on other crucial aspects of their business.

Enhanced Competitive Edge: Armed with the percentage difference information, businesses can make timely adjustments to their prices, ensuring they have a competitive edge in the market and can attract more customers.

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