Email Reports for Any Report (Feed, Skroutz Report, etc)

There is now the possibility for our platform’s users to schedule email reports for any report we provide and not only for Products and Stores.

Here are the benefits of this feature:

Customizable Reporting: Platform’s users can now receive automated email reports for a wide range of reports, including Feed, Skroutz Report, and more. This enables them to access the specific data they need without having to manually request it each time.

Time Efficiency: With scheduled email reports, Platform’s users save time by not having to log in to the system regularly to check for updates or run reports manually. They can set up their preferred reporting frequency and receive the necessary information directly in their inbox.

Automated Insights: The feature allows Platform’s users to stay informed without any effort on their part. The reports are generated and sent automatically, providing insights on key metrics and performance indicators, allowing users to track trends and make data-driven decisions.

Increased Accessibility: Platform’s users can now receive important reports conveniently through email, ensuring they can access critical information regardless of their location or device. This accessibility promotes flexibility in managing business data on the go.

Enhanced Decision Making: By regularly receiving email reports for various aspects of their business, Platform’s users can better understand trends, identify areas of improvement, and make informed decisions to optimize their strategies and operations.

Expanded Data Insights: The ability to schedule email reports for any type of report broadens the scope of data insights available to Platform’s users. This comprehensive view enables them to analyze various aspects of their business and delve deeper into their performance metrics.

Seamless Communication: The email reports facilitate seamless communication within teams and organizations. Sharing these reports with colleagues and stakeholders becomes effortless, fostering collaboration and alignment towards common goals.

Increased Accountability: With regular email reports, Platform’s users can hold themselves and their teams accountable for meeting targets and objectives. This feature promotes a culture of transparency and performance-driven operations.

Personalization: The ability to schedule reports on-demand for various areas of interest allows Platform’s users to tailor the information they receive to suit their unique needs and preferences

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