New Features on Price Alerts

There is now the possibility to choose by the absolute price the difference percentage higher than which you are interested in receiving price alterations and to edit the Price Alerts. We also added a new column indicating the percentage difference with “my price” and changed their order to be more user-friendly. The new features added offer several benefits to users, making it easier and more efficient to monitor and manage price alterations.

Here are the benefits of this feature:

Customizable Price Difference Percentage: Users can now choose the absolute price difference percentage higher than which they want to receive price alerts. This allows users to tailor their notifications according to their specific needs and preferences. For example, if a user is only interested in significant price changes, they can set a higher percentage threshold to filter out minor fluctuations, saving time and reducing unnecessary notifications.

Enhanced Price Alerts: With the ability to customize the price difference percentage, users can receive timely and relevant price alerts that match their trading or investment strategies. By being alerted when prices exceed a certain threshold, users can take advantage of favorable price movements or implement appropriate risk management strategies when prices diverge significantly from their set parameters.

Added Column for Percentage Difference: The introduction of a new column indicating the percentage difference with “my price” provides users with valuable information at a glance. This additional column allows users to quickly assess the extent of price changes compared to their reference or target price, aiding in decision-making and analysis.

Improved User-Friendly Interface: The reordering of columns to be more user-friendly enhances the overall usability. By placing the most relevant information, such as the price difference percentage, in an easily accessible position, users can navigate the data more efficiently and gain insights faster.

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