2 New Features on our API

API - Data by Brand & by Category: Now there is the possibility for users of our API to receive their competition, not only by sku and by competitor which happened until now, but also by brand and by category thus facilitating its use, offering better experience.

API - Timezone in UTC / Currency from account settings: All our endpoints now provide the date type information in UTC Timezone in order to make it easy and understandable for our customers in whatever country they are. In addition, we provide in the response not only the price of the competition as we have done until now, but we also provide the converted price in the selected currency of the account.

Here are the benefits of this feature:

Data by Brand & by Category: Users can now retrieve competition data not just by SKU and competitor but also by brand and category, making it more versatile and user-friendly. This enhancement facilitates easier data analysis and offers a better user experience by providing more relevant information.

Timezone in UTC: All API endpoints now provide date information in UTC timezone, which simplifies data handling and consistency for customers across different timezones. Customers in various countries can easily interpret and work with the data without timezone conversion complexities.

Currency from Account Settings: In addition to competition prices, the API now includes converted prices in the selected currency of the user's account. This feature allows customers to view pricing data in their preferred currency, enhancing clarity and convenience for international users.

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