Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing for e-commerce is a pricing strategy that consists of automatically adapting the prices of your products based on a set of predefined rules that respect your profit margin. This is also known as dynamic price optimization.

The perfect repricing

Competitor prices, active promotions, and stock availability help you evaluate your pricing strategy and detect if changes are necessary to apply to your own dynamic pricing strategy. To keep all of these changes on track, use dynamic pricing for e-commerce. 

Receive price suggestions

We take into account your acquisition price, the prices in your catalog, the number of existing competitors for each of your products, as well as the availability of stock. With this information, the price for each of your products is calculated based on the competition and your own pre-established rules. With all this information that dynamic price optimization is not only possible but a great way to always have the best prices. 

Optimize your e-commerce prices

Thanks to the set of repricing rules, you will be able to increase the sales volume of your e-commerce as well as improve the rotation of those products that previously did not have an attractive price for your customers. Another benefit is that it will give you the advantage you need to make your e-commerce more competitive and have a greater chance of winning your competition.

What are the steps that you need to take into account?

1.  Decide…

if you want the system to include all your competitors or exclude some.

2.  Avoid…

price changes to occur in products blocked by the security rule in order to protect your margin.

3.  Include or Exclude…

specific products, categories, or brands from the price adjustment process.

4.  Indicate…

what to do with prices when competitors run out of stock.

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