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You can automatically receive notifications containing Price or Stock changes whenever you want. Making you able to take action on valuable things such as increasing profit, winning the sale, and growing your business.

Stay informed about what you want, when you want

Choose which shops, products, categories, and brands you prefer to monitor. Then define when and how often (max 6 times per day) you want to receive notifications about changes in their prices or their availability. You can also define in which email you wish to receive these notifications. Tip: If you choose a store that you monitor at the same time directly as well as through a marketplace, the notification you will receive will contain information about its price and availability changes both in its direct online store and in the marketplace separately.

Instant or Daily Price & Stock Change Notifications

We can notify you every time a competitor adjusts products’ prices up or down or changes their availability status. This way we can help you stay one step ahead. Alternatively, you can choose how many times per day (maximum 6 times per day) you wish to receive notifications and which hours of the day specifically.

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