2 New Features on Price Alerts

Multi-paste on Price Alerts: The Multi-paste feature is now available on our platform’s Price Alerts! The paste can separate the skus either with a comma or with a space, even with a new line or a mix of these, and can press Enter to submit them all together! The field will only hold the skus that actually exist in the client’s “relevant products”. Price Alerts – option to choose shops cheapest, distributor, BuyBox separately: In Price Alerts, the user can now choose separately the prices of the shops for cheapest, sold by competitor and BuyBox, which makes it much easier to use, especially for users who focus exclusively on one of the three prices and will thus avoid unnecessary information.

Here are the benefits of this feature:

Efficiency and Time-saving: The Multi-paste feature allows users to input multiple SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) for Price Alerts simultaneously. This saves time and effort, especially for clients who need to monitor a large number of products regularly. Instead of adding each SKU one by one, they can now paste a list all at once, using various formats like commas, spaces, or new lines.

Improved Data Accuracy: By allowing the system to accept multiple SKUs in one go, there is less chance of manual input errors. This helps ensure that the correct products are included in the Price Alerts, reducing the risk of missing critical data or analyzing incorrect information.

Price Comparison Made Easy: With the option to choose shops’ cheapest prices, distributor prices, and BuyBox prices separately, users can easily compare and analyze the different pricing strategies of competitors. This enables more in-depth market research and allows users to make informed pricing decisions, ultimately leading to better business strategies.

Targeted Pricing Strategy: Users who focus exclusively on specific price types (cheapest, distributor, or BuyBox) can now easily access the relevant information they need. This specialization ensures that they receive only the data that is crucial to their business, without being overwhelmed by unnecessary details.

Enhanced Competitor Analysis: By having the ability to monitor the different pricing components separately, users can gain valuable insights into their competitors’ pricing tactics. This information is vital for staying competitive in the market and adjusting pricing strategies accordingly.

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