New Feature on our API

API - Between Dates on Historical Endpoints: A new endpoint has been added to our API which now allows user to get price history, not just for the last month as we've had it so far, but up to 2008 where our historical database starts. Thus, the customer will be able to easily define a range of up to 60 days, set a start and end date, and receive price history for a SKU, while there is optionally the possibility to filter the results in order to receive history for this SKU only for a competitor.

Here are the benefits of this feature:

Extended Historical Data: Users can now access price history data dating back to 2008, providing a more comprehensive view of historical pricing trends.

Customizable Date Range: Customers have the flexibility to define a specific date range, allowing them to analyze price history for up to 60 days by setting a start and end date according to their needs.

SKU-Specific Data: Users can retrieve price history data for a particular SKU, making it easier to analyze and track pricing changes for specific products.

Competitor Filtering: Optionally, users can filter the results to obtain price history data for a SKU in comparison to a competitor, enabling competitive analysis and benchmarking.

Overall, these enhancements offer greater flexibility and analytical capabilities for users of the API, allowing for more in-depth historical pricing analysis and competitive insights.

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