Winning the Buy Box on A Seller's Guide to Increased Sales

The buy box on is a battlefield, and the prize is increased sales. It’s the prominent box displaying the seller, price, and delivery options that customers see first. Winning the buy box means your product is the one most likely to be added to carts and purchased. But with so many sellers vying for this prime spot, how do you rise above the competition?

The Three Pillars of Buy Box Success’s algorithm considers several factors when awarding the buy box, but three main pillars stand out:

  • Competitive Pricing: Price is a significant factor, but it’s not just about being the absolute cheapest. You need to find a sweet spot between offering a competitive price and maintaining healthy profit margins. Bol provides a “price analysis” tool to help you see how your pricing stacks up against your competitors. Here’s an example: Imagine you’re selling a popular brand of running shoes. You see that the current buy box holder has them listed at €79.99. You can decide to:

    • Match their price: This is a safe option, but it won’t necessarily win you the buy box if other factors are equal.
    • Offer a slight undercut: Price them at €78.99 to be the most attractive option for price-sensitive customers.
    • Bundle and compete: Offer the shoes with a pair of performance socks for €84.99. This creates perceived value and might still be cheaper than competitors who sell the shoes and socks separately.

  • Top-Notch Performance: wants reliable sellers who deliver a positive customer experience. This means keeping your order defect rate (wrong items sent), cancellation rate (orders you can’t fulfill), and late shipment rate low. You can track your performance metrics in the “Prestaties” menu of your seller dashboard. Here’s where competition comes in. Analyze your competitor’s performance metrics (available on the product listing page) to see where you can improve. If a competitor boasts a 99% on-time delivery rate, strive to achieve a similar or even better rate by optimizing your fulfillment process. Consider using a reliable shipping partner or exploring Bol’s Fulfilment by Bol (FBB) service.

  • Speedy Delivery: prioritizes sellers who offer fast and reliable delivery options. Consider offering shorter delivery windows (e.g., same-day or next-day delivery for premium customers) and explore Bol’s Fulfilment by Bol (FBB) service for expedited deliveries stored in Bol’s warehouses. This can be especially crucial for time-sensitive products. Let’s say you’re selling a birthday gift. By offering faster delivery options compared to competitors who rely solely on standard shipping, you become the more attractive choice for last-minute shoppers.

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How to Get Paid on eBay – FAQs
How do I get paid on eBay?

To receive payment on eBay, you need to set up eBay Managed Payments in your account. You can choose from 2 options to receive your payouts, including checking account and Payoneer account. Once a buyer pays for the item, eBay will notify you and you can then ship the item.

eBay terminated its partnership with PayPal in June 2021, resulting in the removal of PayPal as a payment option for users with an eBay seller account. Before this change, PayPal was a popular choice for eBay sellers to receive payments on the platform. 

If you are an eBay seller, now you need to use Managed Payments for getting paid on eBay. That means you won’t get your funds directly but eBay will handle it and send you the payouts to your checking account or Payoneer. 

eBay used to partner with PayPal for payments, but it is phasing out that partnership and transitioning to eBay Managed Payments. Now, sellers have 2 eBay selling payment options: Bank account and Payoneer account.

Once the buyer’s payment is verified, eBay usually takes around 2 days to make the sales proceeds available for payout. However, the exact eBay payout time may vary depending on the chosen payout schedule. 

No, eBay ended its partnership with PayPal long ago, in 2021, and introduced the eBay Managed Payments system. This system then handled most of the transactions and payouts from eBay to its sellers.

You can get paid on eBay through 4 major methods: Your checking account, Visa, Mastercard, and debit card.

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