How Brands Use Historical Data to Increase their Sales

Release 12.09.23 – 2 New Features on our API 

API – Data by Brand & by Category: Now there is the possibility for users of our API to receive their competition, not only by sku and by competitor which happened until now, but also by brand and by category thus facilitating its use, offering better experience.

Release 19.07.23 – 2 New Features on Price Alerts

Multi-paste on Price Alerts: The Multi-paste feature is now available on our platform’s Price Alerts! The paste can separate the skus either with a comma or with a space, even with a new line or a mix of these, and can press Enter to submit them all together! The field will only hold the skus that actually exist in the client’s “relevant products”. Price Alerts – option to choose shops cheapest, distributor, BuyBox separately: In Price Alerts, the user can now choose separately the prices of the shops for cheapest, sold by competitor and BuyBox, which makes it much easier to use, especially for users who focus exclusively on one of the three prices and will thus avoid unnecessary information.

Release 17.07.23 – On Demand Crawling Feature

The On-Demand Crawling Feature is now enabled. It has the functionality to pull prices manually both at the URL and product level. In the case of a product, all URLs inside it will be pulled. There is a maximum limit of 10 URLs which if you exceed it informs you with a toast notification on the bottom left of the page that you should wait for the previous ones to be pulled, while in the case of the product you can only have one at a time, basically, you have to have a clear queue otherwise and in this case, you will have to wait for it to finish.

Release 13.07.23 – 2 new Filters on the Products Info page

We added two new filters with which the user can see all his products in which he is the cheapest on the market and those in which he is the most expensive. Additionally, on the Dashboard page, the totals that refer to the count of products where the customer is more expensive or cheaper than the market are now clickable and lead you to the Products Info page with the corresponding filter pre-selected.

Release 06.07.23 – New Features on Price Alerts

There is now the possibility to choose by the absolute price the difference percentage higher than which you are interested in receiving price alterations and to edit the Price Alerts. We also added a new column indicating the percentage difference with “my price” and changed their order to be more user-friendly. The new features added offer several benefits to users, making it easier and more efficient to monitor and manage price alterations.

Release 06.07.23 – Download csv/xlsx from charts

Download csv/xlsx from charts In any chart that we allow the user to download data, he can now get the contents of the chart in csv/xlsx format. Here are the benefits of this feature: Data Export and Analysis: Users can easily export the chart’s data to widely used formats like CSV or XLSX, making it convenient […]

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