Premium Pricing Data

Get a comprehensive market overview! Price monitoring helps you find the perfect price at the perfect time – based on real data. It is crucial to improving your conversion rate, increasing your sales and margins, and attracting new customers!

Faster than your Competitors

With tgndata’s price monitoring solution, you get a comprehensive overview of the competition and the market in no time. By constantly monitoring the prices, promotions, and stock availability of your competitors, you can quickly adjust your prices. You can always keep an eye on your competitors’ ratings and their relevance. In all the countries that are relevant to your business. At whatever interval you choose. Several times a day or even every 90′.

“We appreciate the good data-quality as well as the communication. Requests are answered fast and good in respect of content. In extensive pre-test, tgndata was the best price -performance bidder.”

Georg W.

Georg W.


Just a price
is not enough anymore

Any information presented into your competitor’s product pages is translated into Pricing Data.
Marketplaces are handled as different competitors give you a complete market view.
Map your competitor’s dozens of different availability texts with your own with ease.

Instant Quality Competition data

Import our data right into your Pricefx, PROS, Omnia, Vendavo, Competera, Zilliant, Price2Spy, Prisync, upgrade your pricing decisions!

Keeping an eye on price history

Keep track of how trends in the market evolve and how the prices of specific items change over time. Price history provides the raw data you need to make an informed decision about your future course of action.

Therefore, as part of the price monitoring process, we store the price history of all the products sold by your competitors.

Having a historical perspective on your competitors’ pricing, brands and categories allows you to pinpoint interesting developments and trends and provides you with a valuable basis for your future strategies and measures.

What makes tgndata Different & Premium

Automated Matching

All products are matched automatically and are checked by a quality assurance team that consists of experienced data analysts.

SLA Guaranteed

All services are performance guaranteed via SLA on 3 KPIs: Quality (quality of matching), Quantity (data coverage of the monitored products), Update time.

Unlimited Competitors

Our customers have true access to unlimited competitors worldwide without extra cost on their license.

Real-time data

All data is being updated dynamically within 90 minutes 24/7/365 irrelevant of the number of products. This means that at any time of the day you have access to fresh data.

Ready to connect

tgndata’s data can be connected and imported into any pricing system, ERP or BI tool.

Simple billing

Unlimited Competitors, URLs, users. That way you know the costs beforehand which gives you full control over your budget and if a scale-up is required it’s very easy to perform without calculating multiple variables.

Need Better Data to
Upgrade your decisions?